Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Plano Police Department's mission is to preserve public safety and quality of life within the City of Plano, to respond effectively to the changing needs of the community and to promote mutual respect between the police department and the people they serve (PPD Manual, 2007, p.ii).

Vision Statement

To preserve the high quality of life and feeling of safety for the city's diverse population, all members of the Plano Police Department are committed to serve with professionalism, respect and concern for the community. To optimize the use of police resources, the department balances firm and quick response to all forms of crime with community problem solving and crime prevention approaches. The department is mission-oriented in all of its priorities and activities.

The department philosophy and work processes reflect modern, quality law enforcement concepts and technology, involving every member of the department in an effort to continually improve all areas of administration and operations. Quality leadership at all levels reflects the department's commitment to a strong work ethic, while valuing diversity, promoting effective learning, enhancing and maintaining flexibility.

The Plano Police Department constantly strives for effectiveness in preventing and fighting crime, for effective collaboration with other city departments and for providing leadership and support for regional law enforcement efforts. To this end, the department recruits, hires, trains, supports and retains qualified personnel as sworn and civilian members of progressive law enforcement agency (PPD Manual, 2007, p.ii).