Pool Regulations

Pools over 24 inches in depth are an accessory structure and require a building permit.

Required Submittals

  1. Site Plan (can be copy of your plat of survey) showing distance of new pool to existing structures and property lines.
  2. An HOA sign-off form, if applicable, is required.*
  3. In-ground pools require full construction plans, including a grounding plan.

Permit applications without these required drawings will be rejected.


Accessory structures require either a 5-foot minimum or 10-foot minimum setback from side and rear lot lines. Contact the Building Department office by calling 630-552-8425 for your minimum setback requirement. Commonwealth Edison prohibits pools within 10 feet of overhead lines or within 5 feet of underground power lines. Once you know your setback, we advise that you call Julie at 1-900-892-0123 to verify there are no utility issues with your proposed pool location.


Pools must be surrounded by a minimum 4-foot tall fence. If your yard is not fenced and the side of the pool is at least 4 feet tall, the side of the pool may serve as the barrier as long as the pool ladder can be locked in an "up" position to prevent access or is removed when the pool is not in use.

Pumps & Filters

Pool pumps and filters must be on a permanent GFI circuit and permanently mounted GFI outlet in the vicinity of the pool . Extension cords are prohibited.

Electrical Covers

Waterproof electrical box and outlet must have a cover of the type the snaps over the plug (when plugged in) and keeps water out.

* Residents of Lakewood Springs and Lakewood Springs Club need an HOA sign-off for a pool. A copy of your completed sign-off form must accompany your permit application. Please call the Building Department at 630-552-8425 with any questions.