Chief of Police


Chief Whowell began his career in 1998 with the Plano Police Department and graduated from the Illinois State Police Academy to become certified as a Plano Police Officer. Chief Whowell was the first School Resource Officer in department history and worked with the administration team of District 88 at that time to develop the program. While in the SRO role, Chief Whowell cultivated countless relationships and also became certified as a DARE Officer.

Chief Whowell also spent part of his career as an undercover narcotics officer, working very in-depth and sensitive cases. Due to his experience, Chief Whowell rose up through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and to his current rank of Chief of Police which he achieved in 2016. Chief Whowell is on the Ken Com Operations Board, is active in the Kendall County Association of Chiefs of Police, and believes in many partnerships throughout Plano and the county.

If you would like to contact Chief Whowell directly, he can be reached at or 630-552-3122 x 4019